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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
What pisses me off about Atheism is that there are some, like SkinWalker, who are able to accept that others follow religion (that bit I have no problem with, in fact I'm exactly the same) where as some believe they have the right to monster people who follow religion out of their beliefs. They have no such rights, not only is such an idea morally wrong you do not want to see the day that such practices are accepted, because that's where problems begin and they end with Nazi Stormtroopers and death squads. People follow religion, those who cannot accept that have problems far greater than any number of people Atheists can convert from religion can solve.
That's not just a quality of Atheism though - there are countless examples of followers within every possible belief trying to convert others through platitudes of arguments or by violent coercion. To suggest that it is only a quality of Atheism and a point of derision that cannot be applied to any other religion, is quite a bit foolish.

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