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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
What pisses me off about Atheism is that there are some, like SkinWalker, who are able to accept that others follow religion (that bit I have no problem with, in fact I'm exactly the same) where as some believe they have the right to monster people who follow religion out of their beliefs.
This goes for all groups of people - some people can accept different things, others cannot. The only major difference is the power each group holds, take, for example, Christians (wasps in particular), the amount of power this group holds is tremendous - which is why I find your post a bit... odd. You seem to be focused on Atheists offending your beliefs, and ignore the fact that religious people offend the beliefs (or lack thereof) or Atheists. Personally, I'd rather not have anyone tell me I'm going to burn for all eternity because I don't go to church or believe in a god, or legislate what I can and cannot do because they think they know what's best for me.

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