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I think there should be some Powers/Abilities that can only be bought for pure-sided players.

By this, I mean players who are full Gunner or full Jedi.

For example, if a gunner buys no Force powers at all, no Sense, no nothing, he gains access to a few special "Gunner-only" abilities. I was thinking the Flame Thrower could be one of these, since currently the Flame Thrower is a bit too powerful in combination with Saber/Force. This would balance that issue without having to make the Flame Thrower worthlessly weak.

Lightning would also be this way. CUrrently it's too easy to lightning and then shoot someone on the floor. This would get rid of that issue without having to make Lightning weaker.

A Clone Rifle could also fit into this type. A high-rate of fire blaster weapon that could shread things easily enough. This gun would be expensive and excluseive to gunners only.

Force Heal could also fall under this.

There's possiblity for more, but those four come to the top of my head. If this idea is liked I could write some more about abilities that would work well with a single-sided build.

I think the above idea would allow us to have powerful Jedi/Gunner abilties, without having to worry about them being overpowered when they mix together. But players still have the opition of mixing guns and Force, just without those abilities.

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