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*pokes head out of ground* Whoa..we're back.

To add a bit more to my original post, one of the reasons I can't accept any religion in particular is that there's a tendency some religious people have to think only in the most literal terms. "I believe in X. As I know that my particular bit of religious dogma was beamed down directly from God's own fax machine, X is unquestionably true, therefore everything else is by definition wrong. Contradicting X or saying it's wrong is offensive to me, and should never be done." Then there's the ones who take that a step further and say, "As X is the one sole spiritual path to Heaven/Nirvana/Paradise/anything other that fiery damnation, I have a duty to make sure everyone follows this one path. I also have a permission slip written on God's own stationary to do whatever I have to to carry this out." These have often turned out to be the most dangerous people on the planet.

And for the religious people who are terrified that Atheism is going to wipe out the Church or religion in general, if logic and reason really were enough to do that, they would have done so centuries ago. Besides, if someone's faith is really so weak and tissue-thin that it can be shredded by an online message board, they're probably better off without it.

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