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“I’ll give it another shot,” Raze said to Zam, as she stared at the cage for a moment. “’Cause it would be a shame if we had to put him in a cell. I mean, we don’t really know anything about him, except that he has a hell of a temper and Ulim kind-of-sort-of-knows him.” She paused a moment. “Speaking of Ulim… I wonder if he got that information from his contacts about the recent Imperial activities.” She looked at Zam. “I’ll have Ulim send whatever information he gathered to you on the bridge. For now, just get us prepped for take-off. I want to leave within the hour.”

She left the cargo bay and headed for the med bay. Through the med bay window, she could see their guest—and it appeared to her that he was having a conversation with Bif.

She cleared her throat as she opened the door. “Bif? It appears, to my untrained layman’s sort of eye, that you are communicating with our guest.” She looked at the alien, Otek, who seemed quite calm now. “Successfully, I might add.”

She turned her attention briefly to Ulim, still sitting in the corner reading. “Ulim, if you have a moment, could you give Zam any information you collected about the Empire’s recent activities? He’ll need it to set our course out of here.”

She looked back at Bif. “BIPHMA, if you would be so kind as to translate something from me for our guest here, I’d appreciate it.” She looked at Otek. “I am Reisa Tarn,” she started. “Some call me Raze. I am captain of this crew, and of this ship, the Eclipse. I don’t mean you any harm, but you can hardly expect me to release you when I don’t know why you were beating on my ship for entrance and then attacked me and my crew. Not to mention that ‘other’ guy, whoever he was before you ripped off his head,” she added. “I’m more than happy to let you go, but I need some sort of guarantee or promise that you’re, one, not some sort of assassin sent to kill us for some unknown reason; two, that you’re not going to fly into a rage and start destroying my ship, my cargo, or my crew the second you’re free; and three, that you give me an explanation as to who you are and why you are here. Once I have those answers, I’ll have Bif or Travis release you and you can go to… wherever it is you were going.”

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