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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
I answered your ****ing cheese question several times. If you're not happy with it find some other damned patsy who'll say what you want to hear, preferably one with more knowledge of religion and less of what you're trying to do.
Once again you claim to have answered several times... But I haven't seen you answer it once. I've just read back over the thread too, and I still can't see a single answer.

Listen, if I really HAVE missed your answer, please just repeat the answer, and then we can examine it.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
My issue however is Atheists who believe they have a right to force others to Atheism, especially when they condemn religions trying to get people to join them.
As Mace asked, where are these nefarious people, these atheists that FORCE others to hold rational, logical beliefs? Where are they? Where have you seen them?

As regards Windu, I'm not responding to his assertions for the same reasons as usual.

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