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Chapter 3: The Crash

Bastila ran down the ramp of the Ebon Hawk and stood on the landing platform. She could see Revan’s ship on the platform left to hers. She was about to turn around to leave, when a hand grabbed her shoulder and she heard the snap-hiss of a lightsaber. She flipped her lightsaber with the force and it zoomed into her hand. The saber activated and she flipped back landing behind the attacker. Bastila peered at his face… It was Revan.

“Revan,” she cried in surprise.

“Bastila,” he breathed.

Bastila ran into his arms and embraced him in a hug, which soon developed into a kiss. Valk choose that moment to appear.

“Who is this,” Revan asked Bastila.

“Darth Valk, he was a Jedi who served with you in the Mandalorian Wars, the other jedi general.”

Revan rounded on Valk, “You mean the one who fled near the end of the battle right before I was crowned Dark Lord of the Sith?”

Valk looked at him with hatred in his eyes, “I didn’t flee.”

“Yeah, then why weren’t you there, and you were exiled in Council from the JEDI ORDER after the battle,” Revan practically screamed.

“Believe what you want, one day will pay for it.” With that Valk walked away.

“Coward,” Revan sneered after him.

The escape pod finally slammed into a planet. Dirt hit the view screen, blocking out Talarius’s view of where he was. Talarius grabbed his lightsaber and quickly started to cut a hole in the escape pod. The door fell off and he quickly jumped out. Talarius’s body slammed against the ground as he landed and he quickly got up. He looked around and saw he was on the abandon moon of Sekot called M-3.

Revan walked into the Ebon Hawk’s apartments and sat on his bunk. He then started to work on his journal.

From the Private Journals of Revan Skywalker:

I run through the Star Forge with Bastila at my side. Her hair moves like the wind as we run. I look ahead and see three dark jedi ahead. We ignite out lightsabers and I spring into action. My lightsabers flash and kills one of the dark jedi. Bastila leaps up and silences the other two. Then she motions me that we should continue so I continue to run with Bastila at my side.Star Forge, 3,956

Preview for the next chapter:
Grivis walked up and entered the high council room. He then quickly took his seat.

“Shall we continue?” he asked.

“Yes,” Ferio said. “Of course,” He then motioned for Zeorg to speak.

“Master,” He started. “We have some very bad news.”

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