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Originally Posted by Spider AL
Why, you heretic! There is more than one cheese-monster, as I've previously stated.
Looks like the new religion has undergone its first schism. Perhaps we can organise a small holy war at some point to settle the issue.

But, but, the Holy Flaming Napalm of Cheddar will melt the Holy Swiss (pun fully intended) of Gastronomic Delight, and then it'll be all one big melty mess, and it'll never get resolved. Kind of like the Middle East but that's another thread topic entirely.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod
"I believe in X. As I know that my particular bit of religious dogma was beamed down directly from God's own fax machine"

I needed some humor today....

I've only little bits of breaks here and there at work today so I'll address other things later.

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