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Originally Posted by JasraLantill
“I’ll give it another shot,” Raze said to Zam, as she stared at the cage for a moment. “’Cause it would be a shame if we had to put him in a cell. I mean, we don’t really know anything about him, except that he has a hell of a temper and Ulim kind-of-sort-of-knows him.” She paused a moment. “Speaking of Ulim… I wonder if he got that information from his contacts about the recent Imperial activities.” She looked at Zam. “I’ll have Ulim send whatever information he gathered to you on the bridge. For now, just get us prepped for take-off. I want to leave within the hour.”
"k Cap'n give the big guy a reason to stand over my shoulders." Zam said sarcastically as he left the cargo bay. He walked into the common room followed by Rita She suddenly stopped and looked behind her.

"Zam can you hear footsteps?" She asked looking back down the coridor, but unable to see anything.

"Only yours, why?"

"Nothing, I must have imagined it."

Zam and Rita both walked into the bridge and took the pilot and co-pilots seats.
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