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Originally Posted by tk102
I don't know about this. The rise of the Information Age has allowed people to express their opinions over distances and to audiences in ways that did not exist before. Look at this thread as an example.
Modern technology might allow for the vastly more rapid dissemination of ideas and information than previously, but IMHO logic and reason are never going to drive religion out of the common mindset simply because religion fulfills some human curiosities and needs that logic and reason can't until scientific inquiry manages to produce a comprehensive inventory of the entire universe. What happens after we die? Do we really have souls? What started the creation of the universe? Is God real, and are he and Allah pissed off at their followers who still have wars over silly things like, "Who's got the bigger God?", or are they just having a laugh and concentrating on their much more interesting civilizations in the Andromeda galaxy? Until science can definitively answer those questions, people will always turn to religion, especially when it offers hope that your body rotting and decaying isn't the only thing to look forward to after you've been killed by a pack of wild boars or something.

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