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John has been left to his own devices so he went to Engineering to check on the hyperdrive, after all, he wouldn't want the ship doing somthing silly like imploding during the hyperspace jump. John pulled off the lid to the drive and peered inside.

"Yup, yup," John said during his exspection "Everything seems normal." Not a moment after saying that he heard wispering from behind him, Johns head darted in that direction, noone was in his sight. John raised his head up so he could see the pipes, "*sigh* I'm going have to have a serious word with this ships designers. Damn inner metal they used must be rusting and blowing all round the ship, creating damn sounds."
"The Hyperdrives power-converter." A female's voice told John. He was spooked by the strang voice so he drew his ZAT blaster. He looked around the room but couldn't see anyone or any sort of recorder. He lowered his weapon and went to check on the hyperdrive.

"The voice said 'The Hyperdrives Power-Converters', there's gotta be a reason for that," John muttered to himself as he flashed a flashlight to get a better view, as the Power-Converter was at the bottem of it all. It was then he noticed something wrong, something hard to see but it could of been devistating if the Eclipse spent more than an hour in hyperspace. He quickly fixxed the problem and closed the lid to the hyperdrive.

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