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I'll give you these quotes and then the truth on Atheism.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
not one person follows that type of religion and yet hundreds of millions are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, ect.
Originally Posted by Spider AL
And as I said before, would it be such a bad thing if because of atheist logic, some religious person lost their delusion? A rational life is a moral life, it's a life that makes sense, it's a life with rational goals and purposes and the search for truth and right. It's a good life. And best of all, it's not a delusional life.
Originally Posted by Spider AL
What gives me the moral right to speak rational truths? Why, that would be... the inviolable moral right (and responsibility) to speak rational truths.

Everyone has this right (and responsibility). And I've stated this already.
Now the truth of Atheism the way Spider AL sees it is that Atheism is fananticism. Fananticism is mindless, fananticism is dangerous, fananticism is stupid: Imagine damning another human being simply on the grounds that he didn't think like you. Because fanantics are mindless, they are guided by others and the others of course have ulterior motives. The others simply put the thought into the minds of the fanantics - which is like putting a gun into the hands of a murderer. If our aim in life is to seek peace, it is impossible to achieve it by fananticism. Peace and fananticism are incompatible.
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