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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Way to use your turn.

For the reflex save, I got 29. Interesting number.
*Jae sends Devon flying 5 meters, and he lands on the ground in a loud grunt and is still for several seconds....*

You had to meet/beat 37 (DC 5 + level + Wis mod + Cha mod). You took 27 points of damage (I'm assuming physical/bludgeoning since you're hitting the ground), and you are incapacitated (stunned) for 6 seconds (6 sec. = 1 round)

What is your Dex mod? Your lose the Dex component on your DEF because you can't dodge while you're incapacitated. Your DEF will be 33-dex mod-4 (for battle med)-2 (for being stunned).

Originally Posted by D&D rules

A stunned creature drops everything held, can't take actions, takes a -2 penalty to AC, and loses his Dexterity bonus to AC (if any).
Source: PHB, DMG
Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
This is taking a while. How about just applying the damage we've already dealt to the real thing? We'd basically be repeating this.
Actually, this was not the specific strategy I intended following (now did you think I'd give that away?), so I'd like to start from the beginning, thank you.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
We could, although one character each has proven enough to keep track of. Do you want to forget about having any minions? We'd both be at an equal disadvantage from it.
I built my characters with a party of 3 in mind, so going to just one would require me to change Jae's character. I actually had a strategic plan in mind, you know.

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