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Spider AL's quotes do not show anything like fanaticism. He's shown he's a lot of things (not all of them absolutely wonderful), but mindless is certainly not one of them. How you manage to read fanaticism in those quotes is really beyond me.

BTW, you really didn't answer the cheeze question, you just responded by asking Al to disprove that God exists. And who exactly are the Atheists who are forcing people to abandon their religions again? You didn't answer that either.

Originally Posted by windu6
I think Nancy is talking about Atheists who use logic to try to manipulate religious people that their God or Gods don't exist, because of apparent contradictions in the evidence for their specific religious beliefs, that Atheists observe.
So, they should conclude that their religion is flawed, as Atheists would argue.
And join them by accepting the most reasonable explanation.
If they don't accept the Atheists reasoning, then they are open to ridicule and will be looked as ignorant fools.
So, it's in religious people interest to accept that God or Gods don't exist, as some Atheists would be making the point as.
I really can't think of too many occurances where someone with faith has said to themselves, "Whoa, I don't want to look stupid or ignorant to these intelligent, cool, educated Atheists, so I'd better renounce my religion!" Atheism is a politically invisible movement in western society these days; far more often it's the religious folks who demand conformity and observance than the Atheists.

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