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Oh, what the hell. I've got some time on my hands tonight, I'll take this one apart. Of course, I'm looking forward to Spider AL ripping this apart far more ruthlessly than I can be bothered to...

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
He's said right there that Atheists have the right to do so and if he's unwilling to accept that people follow religion then he is a fanantic.
Those quotes don't say that he's unwilling to accept that people follow religion, only that he has the right to state logical and rational truths. And that the logical and rational truth he has arrived at is that religion is false.
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
As for the cheese question you're obviously blind because for the last time I have said that no one follows such a religion, so any creditbility it might have is basically null and void.
So no one follows such a religion. So what? It was a metaphysical question, and no, you didn't answer it. This isn't about whether those malicious cheddar cheese slices are presently being worshipped, it was whether or not you can prove they're not really out there. But then, I don't have to tell you that. You've read this whole thread, including Skinwalker's and Spider AL's comments, so you already know that, right?
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Christianity, Judism, Islam, Buddism ect have a following of hundreds of millions making it something a lot of people believe in. Does it make it any more of a truth?
BTW, it's "Judaism" and "etc". Moving on, they can't all be right, now can they? That means millions of people are going to be wrong no matter what, so the fact that a religion has mass appeal or sheer numbers behind it doesn't mean too much, especially considering the number or religions that have come and gone on this little planet over the millenia.
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Have any of you tried looking at religious scripts and seeing what they have to say?
Yes I have actually. Quite a few, from a variety of cultures and historical periods. I'm still agnostic.
Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
For all I know when you die all that happens is you become worm food in the ground. What a horrible thought for so many people, if they want to believe in there being something more is that so bad? But is there any truth in such beliefs or are they insane ramblings that Atheists must wipe out?
Okay, just one more time for the record, who are these Atheists who are presently trying to force people into apostasy? Is that AL? Or Skinwalker? Those telepathic chunks of Brie orbiting Jupiter...?

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