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Well let's have a look at his two quotes just above and have a look shall we?

"And as I said before, would it be such a bad thing if because of atheist logic, some religious person lost their delusion?"

Here not only is he supporting Atheists forcing others to give up religion he's saying people who believe in religion are deluded.

"A rational life is a moral life"

So people who follow religion cannot be moral?

"it's a life with rational goals and purposes and the search for truth and right."

About five billion people follow religion of one form or another. I highly doubt all of them don't seek these things.

"And best of all, it's not a delusional life."

Again he says that a religious life is a deluded life, inferring that people who follow religion are deluded.

"What gives me the moral right to speak rational truths? Why, that would be... the inviolable moral right (and responsibility) to speak rational truths."

And here he once again supports Atheists forcing people who follow religion out of their beliefs.

That's five points where he's either said Atheists should persecute those who follow religion or otherwise say they're deluded. And by the way he's of the opinion that he isn't arrogant, condescending and trollish. Well with the mods permission would he be willing to have a poll where people can say whether or not he is these things?
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