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o what have we here co-op story ideas well i got one
Originally Posted by The Neo-Crusade

The Republic is at war with the Mandaloriens and it is not going well at all. Thankfully a lone faction of Jedi led by Jedi knight Reven has defied the order spurred by the genocide of the Cathar and is coming to help the republic as we desperately need it. Reven has decided to take the fight to the Mandaloriens and has sent a legion of Jedi generals and troops to take back the Mandalorien occupied planet.

You are in the legion of Jedi generals and republic soldiers and your job is to get a foot hold on Iridonia so that Reven can come in with more troops and take back the planet. Upon the landing of your drop ship you are to proceed to nave alpha and take out any Mandaloriens you encounter. At alpha take out the Mandilorion communications array and long range sensors to prevent further communication and to stop them from spotting our incoming fleet. Hold the base till the re-enforcements arrive to secure the facility.
well what do u think

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