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Originally Posted by Leemu Taos
*blink* Leemu Taos? I haven't seen you around these parts going on 23 years! Goodness man! I rejoice!

On topic...

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
"A rational life is a moral life"

So people who follow religion cannot be moral?
That's not a logical inference from the quote. It would be similar to me saying "I am wearing pants, and therefore am not completely naked", and you deducing that I'm saying that anytime that I am not wearing pants I am completely naked.
The logic of the statement goes something to the effect of "If A then B". However, negating A does not inherently negate B unless it has been stated.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
And here he once again supports Atheists forcing people who follow religion out of their beliefs.
I'm not sure if this is just an argument over semantics, or if there is a deep misunderstanding going on. I don't see how stating that I am an atheist, and telling religious people why I think that my world-view is right and theirs is wrong, is in any way forcing anyone out of anything. I'd genuinely like to know why you think it is. You keep quoting Al but none of us seem to understand why you think he means what I don't think he means.

I've seen no advocacy for persecution of religious people anywhere in this thread, nor advocacy for persecution of non-religious people, and really see no need for hostile attitudes on either side.

edit - off-topic - @mace: I like the word lark. It's neat.

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