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Patch feedback

Ok this thing is up and running again; The patch is out and we have had a few days to play with it, what do we all think?

I am pretty much at the stage of giving up on FOC and just modding it or moving onto other games. The patch changes were rather superficial and did not drastically change the Consortium, which was what was needed. Fair enough I could say that yes I can beat the ZC on medium and hard with both rebels and empire so I should be happy, but it is fought at such a frantic pace that it is not enjoyable at all. I take no pleasure in spamming TIE Defenders or B-Wings as quickly as I can to destroy the ZC space station before I am overrun by a fleet of Vengeance frigates and Aggressor Destroyers. Lame.

I am interested to know what changes people HAVE made to their XMLs to achieve balance.

Here is a few bugs I have also found.
*When an aggressor self destructed the audio for 'hypervelocity gun destroyed' played and in the casualties screen it showed a hypervelocity gun.
*When you reach maximum unit capacity in ground combta with ZC it says 'production halted'
* ZC melee heroes dont attack buildings unless moved to immediately adjacent to them.
*Some times IG-88 and Bossk dont engage the enemy they just fly around in circles.

One last point on balanced is it that in skirmish the ZC pays once for their plasma weapon on their station which recharges but the other factions have to pay for it wach time they want to fire theirs? suck.
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