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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
True. I got a 15 when I rolled calculated it incorrectly, but even that's not enough.

And I only get a 9 rolling this time. Damn. But even if it was 19 that wouldn't be enough.
Da Rulz say rolling a 20's an automatic save and rolling a 1 is an automatic fail on the save.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Yes. Too afraid to take me on, one to one?

I knew you'd back down from a simple, man to man fight!
I don't back down from fair fights. And changing the rules in the middle is not fair.

Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Since we won't be using minions, there's no need. No thanks.
I'll go tinker with Jae's stuff again. Which is another good reason to start from the top.
Things should theoretically go a little faster now that we know what the heck we're doing.
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At least I'm re-learning a lot for our little game at home. Toto's all excited about making his character and getting started in the game. I'll be GMing a party of 2 human paladins and a halfling rogue (good-aligned). Should be very interesting. I like the fact that Toto's doing a lot of math in a fun setting so it's not so boring for him. Yeah, I'm a sneaky education junkie....

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