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I'll try to get all of the facts in one post but I know I'll forget something so feel free to tell what I retardedly left out.
Firstly the Xbox 360(the one I know the most about): Lets see... Good processor speed, graphics card, nice controller(as far as I know, without the bells and whistles of the PS3 and Wii), good line-up of games this year, Iíve got gears of war and oblivion(Woot! TES lV:Oblivion!).

So I voted xbox, but I really think you should have an open mind about console's I know you can hate other console because they got an exclusive game that you REALY wanted, but its best just to concentrate on the games you have and those SUCKERS don't.
Right, now the Wii: Looks fun, from what I've seen it has some pretty kool games on it(redsteel) but I REALLY don't know enough about the wii to judge

all I know is that the people who say that the Wii suck's just because its graphics are sub-par are graphic whore's.
and the PS3: same as the wii, I aint done ma' studyn'. but one thing I DO know is that if Sony knocked down the price tag a couple hundred bucks there would be no competion of what everyone liked.

Also it amazes me that Sony managed to out corporate scum Bill gates!!! I thought that was impossible!!!
About the Console Vs. Pc wars: It just makes me sick to my stomach that people could be immature enough to brazenly despise something that they've probably never even tried.

from most of my experience its the Pc purists that hate consoles with a fury that usually start these wars, sure consoles were specifically designed to makes money for corporation's, and sure there's infighting among the consoles about which one is the best, but DAMN these Pc purists have a smug sense of superiority!

One reason I've found that they hate consoles is the games that they make on them that don't get transferred to pc, but seriously that could go both way's!(can you say "Might and magic: dark messiah"?). As I said I think it has something to do with a superiority complex.

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