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There is no logical or empirical support for religious beliefs of the supernatural.
Yes thats why the faith I beleive in is blind faith. A believe
that somethings we as humans cannot explain,understand etc due to are minds
not being smart enough to understand. Thats what alot of religions have. things
we cannot explain but choose to do so because we believe that its true.
May it be delusional w/e you wanna call it.
Proof of things we cannot understand are stated above:
The exodus, Transubstanation etc.
Yes from a rational veiw they cant be proved in human minds but
thats why they are called mysteries or what you wanna call them delusions.
Mysteries or what you wanna call delusions that we choose to believe in.
There are alot of things we cant prove from theist or rational veiws most notable
when the earth was created,how it was ,why it was, whats it like when we are
dead etc. its all in what you believe in or what you think etc.

So I have a question of my own.
Why? Why do you want to what you think prove that what religions
believe in are delusions? It kinda sounds like the 'Im right your wrong type of
thing' or what windu stated ' Atheists rational beliefs are superior and highly moral in comparison to religious people.' .
And another question.
Does it really matter? There are so many things that are still questions to us
so why? So many things we cant prove etc.
I find it there is no problem for someone to go believe in something going in
blind (mysteries or what you wanna call delusions) due to im a believer myself
and there isnt really anything bad as what some of you are throwing at
religion as well.
I cant see whats wrong with people that believe in somethings we cant
explain or think is right or what rational people think they have already proven are
not true.
Religious people just choose to believe in somethings that may or may not
be true. We just dont know enough so whats the problem here?

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