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I would say no. even though i havnt seen the battle in awhile I would
wish to give some of my oppinions. Firstly Yoda is considered the leader of
all that is good and sidious the big baddie of evil.
So to prove this while yoda and obi were at the temple obi saying that he
didnt want to face anikan but instead wanted to face sidious yoda replies
somthing like that you are not strong enough to face him either in the force
,pyhsical or both. So yoda goes and faces him but even yoda couldnt have
beaten him. Heck if he was younger than he was sure I can see him beating him
but idk if age was the factor. You saw yoda reflect the force with his hands
a ability that none of the other jedi did. So obviously yoda was there best
chance if any to defeat sidious. I tend to think that sidious was in utter
horror of yoda stopping his attacks of lightning in the end. And besides
how can yoda grip him if both hands are tied up reflecting or
stopping sidious' lightning attacks? Besides even though some1 frowns doesnt mean he was doing anything evil. When we saw yoda in each battle he was what you can see as frowning. This scene this utter determination
that was shown of yoda was his last ditch effort to defeat sidious and
it didnt work due to sidious being to good. didnt work maybe for a variety of reasons. 1 because the sequals. 2 age could deffinatley be a factor. (Imagine when yoda was younger Its an old guy taking on hmm idk how old sidious is but he deffinately had agility. Not saying yoda didnt but cmon yoda was old im pretty sure he had some nice aches after that battle. So when senator organa showed
yoda sounded disapointed because he couldnt stop him which equals
no one could thus the republic ended.
I tend to think the jedi went in hiding because they couldnt stop the threat
even with how good they were. You can say they thought ahead of
some events which needed to happen and if didnt the galaxy would be
forever lost.
On Lukes choking incadent. Hey cmon these are gamoreans to stupid to persuade.
so first thing on there minds would be to anihalate the intruder so waht he gonna
do. Im pretty much sure Luke had to show an impression to that twilak so
he will take him to jabba.
On considered light darkside powers. Hey can you possibly imagine a light side
person use lightning? or choke? lightning and choke can be considered
bad powers due to there intent. Choke and lightning mean to do harm to
a living being. So I guess you can say im a its how you use them type.
LIght doesnt use them as tools for power etc while darkside does.

The Force is strong with this one!
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