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Originally Posted by Eldir
Hi, I'm trying to translate some parts of the dialogue into Korean for personal use. I've tried inserting a few Korean words into a line to see how it worked. The changes were indeed reflected into the game, but the problem is, the characters were not encoded properly and were incomprehensible. (They show up fine in the editor, though.) Is there some way I could add Korean support to the program, or maybe to the game itself?
I am unfamiliar with how written Korean language works so I am not sure if it is possible.

However, the game does not use regular fonts for the text shown in-game, but rather a set of images that contains the letters it displays. Look in swpc_tex_gui.erf with KotorTool for the images whose names start with fnt_ (for example fnt_d16x16.tpc). You'd probably need to replace the roman letters with korean ones at the very least. Don't know if that is enough though.
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