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Raze's eyes narrowed at Travis' comments and she smacked him on the back of his head, not that hard, but enough to mess up his hair. "Travis! Would you stop baiting him and being such a...!" Her jaw set as she stopped herself from finishing her sentence. There were some things that a captain just shouldn't say in front of her crew.

"See?" she said, turning to Otak. "It's not just you. Travis makes everyone feel like they want to kill him."

She glared at Travis. "Just...." She waved her hand at him to get out of her way.

She went over and opened up one of the med-bay's storage units. "Travis, you said heat weakens the elastoplastacrete, right?" she asked while rummaging around. "Ah." She removed an instrument. "This cautery should should do the trick. Maybe not as fast as a plasma torch, but definitely safer."

"Travis, go and make up that translator. In the meanwhile, Bif and I will get Otaktay free enough for him to use his wrist panel thing."

She grinned at Otak. "And then we can have that chat."

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