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"Charming, indeed," Raze said quietly to John. "Just like Rita. But don't tell her I said that."

Turning back to Otak she said, "My bounty hunting days are long over, Otaktay, I can assure you. So, all this mayhem... because you just wanted a ride?"

Raze took a moment to consider her options. Stolen merchandise as cargo was one thing. A dangerous (and quite possibly still wanted) fugitive passenger was quite another.

On one hand, if she agreed to take him aboard there was the chance of whoever was after him to come after her. And, there was always the possiblity that Otak might fly into another rage if if she refused him. She didn't fancy that.

On the other hand, if she left him here, he could always blame her for the disappearance (or murder, if they found the head and body) of the mercenary/hired thug that Otak had killed in the landing bay assigned to her. And she didn't fancy that either.

But if she did take him along, she'd have to justify it with her crew. If Otak had something of value to pay his way, that might do the trick.

"I don't normally take on passengers," she said slowly. "If I do decide that you can stay aboard, how were you planning to pay for your passage? And where were you planning on going?"

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