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Ok, I thought we might need a transport company. Sort of like a passenger airline company, but for space travel.

Pretoria-Ramen Expanded Spaceport Travel, Incorporated. (PREST, Inc.)
This is a private, civilian transport company set up by a group of businessmen from Olympia, Ashoka, and Haven. They have offices on all three planets and are looking to expand to Pharaz-Gil, and possibly even Apex. They have no real political allegiance to anyone, and operate under the assumption that travel between the Empires should be freely available (but not free!) to everyone. They specialise in passenger transport, both economy and luxury class, throughout known space using the established trade routes and gate system. They also transport post and light freight for a modest fee on a space available basis. Their motto is: The PREST way is the best way.

Suppose this will go under the Independent category since they don't have any particular allegiance to any Empire.

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