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Okay guys I have come up with my answer on which area will be the K2 Deralia Space Port area. I know that most of you wanted the Council Chambers to be the one that got the role but unfortuatly that area is much too small for an actual merchant area. So I am going to go with on of the driod modules (specificly 804DRO.) This decision is because of the massive space it has and because the module is just plain cool. So I hope you all like this choice and hopefully there can be some teaser shots soon. Enjoy everybody!

Originally Posted by Pottsie
Despite the fact I don't download Mods, I agree with m16965.
Well I would agree with you, I was actually thinking of using the council chambers before but there are a couple things that are some what road block. First there is really not enough space for all of the stores and people in there and secondly I can't get rid of the chairs without compromising more then half of the textures in the game. So I had to make an educated decision on what I should do and I think using the driod module might be the best idea.

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