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OK although the site was down for a bit and the vote was tied for now we will go with Starfields: The Second Age as the title.

And this is going to be the 'bad Guy' Group of the Upcoming RP...

Name: Equinox
Type: Terrorists
Location: Independant territories
Description: Equinox is unknown by all but those who are in it and even some of them beleive they are with one of many differant 'dummy' Groups. They have been hiding in the shaows for nearly 20 years since they were formed. Equinox started life in Haven not by crimminals or religeous fanatics but by the goverment, It was To be the force that could combat any threat to the planet. Comprised of the 12 greatest Psychics on the whole of haven they were trained to be the best soldiers, spies and assassins in the galaxy. Unfortunetly the training they received made them too powerful and far too loyal to the Republic of Haven. The Leader of the twelve, Dominic Krisco, Began to beleive in Havens superiority and beleived it should lead a united mankind. They began to work on bringing down the Goverments of all the other Empires but were quickly discovered by Haven's leaders, who put a stop to their activities. This is when Equinox left the Planet of Haven intent on one day returning and leading their homeworld to control all of The colonies.
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