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Question Yoda probes the Dark Side?! Mace uses the Dark Side in Vapaad?!

Originally Posted by Prime
I know this was posted a long time ago, but...

That is your interpretation of what you see. However, in the novelization, which is just as high g-canon, we are told that this isn't the case:
Except despite the status of the novel, if any part of it contradicts what we see in the actual movie, the movie wins, hands down.

"More lightning poured forth from Dooku's hand, but Yoda continued to catch it and turn it, and seemed to become even more settled in his defensive posture...Dooku disengaged his futile lightning assault."
"Turn it"? Turn it into light side lightning? Bounce it back? It's a little vague, anyway. Visuals win... and anyway we know VFX gets tweaked long after the novel has been published.

and in the similar case from ROTS:

"The shadow could feel how much it cost the little green freak to bend back his lightnings into the cage of energy that enclosed them both; the creature had reached the limits of its strength."
Except the VFX for the confrontation in Episode III and II are DIFFERENT. In ROTS Yoda never throws a bolt of lightning at Sideous. He does do that against Dooku however.

Which we are flat out told in the AOTC commentary.
Which, despite it being from Lucas's own lips, if it contradicts the movies, doesn't help us. He also calls the Imperials "Nazis" and mispronounces various names in the Star Wars universe, and so forth. This doesn't really prove anything beyond his stated intentions, circa 2002-2004.

and from Lucas directly.
And Lucas is notorious for changing his mind, hence why the movies are really the best guide to what is going on, not Lucas's statements about them (not that these statements aren't helpful of course).

"Sith Lightning" and "dark side power" are the terms Lucas used, and he mentions that he had Dooku display that power to make it clear to the audience that he was now indeed a user of the dark side and member of the Sith, and not just a Jedi who disagreed politically from the Jedi Order.
But he fails to explain Yoda's using of Lightning in the commentary. Lightning is never discussed in the movies themselves, so even the term "Force/Sith/Lightning" and even the term "force power" are never used by any Star Wars character.

Essentially the "dark/light side powers" are a game mechanic invented for the RPG and picked up by some EU writers. It makes for handy conversation, but it doesn't really accurately describe the movies. Otherwise we have canon examples of "Light Jedi" using "Dark Side powers" and yet not falling to the Dark Side (Luke choking people with the Force, Yoda throwing lightning at a person).

Even the games are not completely consistent either, since Mysteries of the Sith lets you use both kinds of powers and remain completely on the "light side" (another term which never shows up in the movies) and Jedi Academy's single player does the same (but not multiplayer).

The EU also has examples of a "Light" version of Lightning. It also of course makes it sound like turning to the Dark Side is a weekly occurence and isn't too hard to turn back from (despite Yoda thinking it was impossible to turn back from the Dark Side in the classic Trilogy, and the shock when Anakin is able to be turned back).

Yoda threw lightning in AOTC. That much is certain. The question is how we explain it, if we want to also simultaneously believe that using lightning is something only "Sith" can do, can only be generated by the Dark Side, and somehow makes you evil.

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