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Ok i gotta admit you got me there Kurg
Sideous is evil, yes, but that doesn't mean his opponents are perfect either (I am not defending the bad guys here, just saying the Jedi aren't perfectly good, otherwise you'd think they would have caught onto the plot sooner and stopped it).
true! This is why Sideous was such a sneak. I tend to believe that Sideous
tricked all the jedi only revealing to anikan just because of the circumstance he
was in

But they could still fight! Nothing really changed in 20 years except they got old and older and then they had to rely on a barely trained kid to fight for them? It seems like their chances for victory were greater in Episode III than IV-VI!

Plus, what would have stopped Obi-Wan and Yoda from BOTH going to Dagobah or Tatooine or Alderaan and raising the two children there, from birth? Pooling their resources? They only ended up training Luke anyway, so it's not like they would be putting all their eggs in one basket.
Ah so many uncertanties this is where the tv series comes in. All or
most of are answers will be revealed. Plus Anikan didnt know that his kids survived
thus palpatine revealing to him. Heck even palpatine prob didnt know till
later on when Luke revealed himself. But we dont know so hopefully the
series will shed some light on that.

The Force is strong with this one!
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