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The more Ryshana thought about it, the more she wanted to figure out what was going on. Closing her eyes, Ryshana did her best to connect with the Force.

She had been struggling to connect with the Force over the past couple of weeks, but then again, she hadn't been able to focus on anything in particular. Now, however, she was focused solely on Jeez. Slowly, she began to bring things into focus, but it was extremely difficult to so with a lot of black haze around her.

Waves of emotion ebbed and flowed around her along with a searing pain that she could feel from a number of different people around her. Then, she could see a large complex built into the side of an asteroid. In that complex, she could see finally see Jeez through the Force for the first time since she had last seen him with her own eyes.

Then, the scene quickly shifted and faded suddenly as Ryshana could hear yelling coming from the Echo's Common Area. Opening her eyes, Ryshana was curious as to what was going on. Shutting down the computer terminal, Ryshana suddenly got an idea.

There wasn't anything Ryshana wanted more than to find Jeez, especially now. And over the past couple of weeks, Ryshana had felt a bit useless. But Beryl, Ryshana thought. She had all the reasons to leave the Echo to go after Jeez except for Beryl.

Still, there was still the pressing issue of what was going on in the Common Room. Getting up from the terminal, Ryshana went into Common Room and was greeted by the sound of arguing among Beryl, Nic, Jana, and Jack.

"Hold it!!" Ryshana yelled out. "What's going on around here?"

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