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Originally Posted by Darkkender
I voted for the Droid planet as your goal is to create a spaceport type of theme and for that you really need a landing pad not to mention alot of area to kinda lounga around. The council chambers really don't seem to fit that theme.
I agree. I really have been thinking about it the past couple days and I am really leaning more towards the Droid planet module myself.

Hey everybody I almost forgot to tell you but I am looking for people who know how to make maps of areas. If you have ever made a map for Kotor Tool you will know what I am talking about. I just need somebody who would be willing to help me out with that as it is very time consuming and I would like to be able to take my time on the actual module so I can bring a quality mod to those of you looking forward to it. Also I still am loooking for mod donations so if anybody is interested in allowing me to use thier mod in conjunction with this one I would really appreaciate it. Thanks everybody.

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