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Multiple Arm Attack!
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Now that things are quieting down for the end of the year, I finally have time to work on this some more. Have a few compiling errors so am just trying to sort it all out...Things are going well... so far.
Haven't yet put the tree models or skybox back in, or a lot of the details.
Also haven't set the ambient light level or finalized the lighting... hence the VERY black shadows...

View from structure where Karrde smoke at night while contemplating the future...

New curving pipe "path" leading to storage shed.

View from landing area toward storage shed...

Showing relationship of 2nd tower, 1st tower, storage shed and path to landing field.

Looking from storage shed past 2nd tower to landing field.

View from 1st tower towards 2nd tower...

More pix as things progress...

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