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Ok, here are the mods I usually use:

- A couple of Bastila robe mods ( Svösh, Woogiee)
- Bastila Makeovers
- Bastila on Korriban
- Carth clothes
- Clonetrooper replacement
- Deadeye on Manaan
- Dialogue Pack by Allronix
- EZ swoop
- Manaan door relief
- Mission clothes
- Holowan plugin
- Helena clothes ( Bastila's Mother)
- HK reskin (the one that makes him look all rusty and used up)
- Jaguar Swoop retexture
- Juhani Robes
- Jolee Robes
- Opertion kill bastila (even though I never got it to work, but thats just me. I realy like the idea though.)
- Master heal for K1
- Make Mission a Jedi
- Reverse Gender
- Silver crystal
- Sith eye replacement
- Xia Terashai items
- Kill YukaLaka
- Recruit Yuthura
- Zaalbar reskin

I think some of the mods are in the holowan plugin, but I don't really know which ones so yeah. These are basicly just the mods I managed to collect over the years.

- plus a bunch off reskins I made myself off Mission, yuthura, Juhani, Bastila, all the animals, all the other npcs, all the robes & amors,EbonHawk,... ( maybe I should release that someday. it took me forever to do that and it looks really good)( On the other hand, maybe I won't because I would have to ask for permission of so many people because I made a reskin of everything, even the mods I use, so that it all fits together, like a reskin of the mission robes so that they fit with a reskinned head, etc...)
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