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Beryl breathed a sigh of relief when Ryshana appeared, thankful for the diversion. "Erm...Nic's turning down a job," Beryl said to Ryshana, avoiding the answer to Nic's and Jack's Force Sensitivity questions as well as Nic's gaze.

"A very lucrative job!" Jana added, stepping to the forefront once again. "Twenty thousand credits worth of job, Ry. And he’s turning it down just because it's for the Alliance!” She gave a glance at Beryl. "And we think he should take it," she added.

Beryl raised her brow. "We?"

Jana nudged Beryl with her elbow.

Again Beryl felt put on the spot. "Erm... yeah. Right. We think he should...." Beryl then gave Jana a curious look. Before joining up with the Echo, Beryl had been a pilot for a blockade runner. She knew how dangerous it was running supplies in to blockade planets, and even more so running in anything directly to any Alliance strongholds. And she knew firsthand the consequences of getting caught. Had she and the crew she'd been with not been caught by Beryl's 'Imperial' brother, she and the rest of her old crew would likely be dead now. “Are you sure, Jana? I mean, there’ll be other jobs that’ll come up. Eventually,” she added quietly.

Jana wheeled around to face her. “What?! You’re siding with him now?” she said incredulously, gesturing to Nic.

“Well….” Beryl shrugged. “He’s the captain. And Alliance jobs are pretty risky….”

“It’s twenty thousand credits!” Jana argued.

“Look, I’m sure Nic’s got his reasons for not taking it,” Beryl started.

“Well, I’ve got twenty thousand reasons why we should!” Jana let out a disdainful snort. “We don’t all have ‘trust funds’ to rely on like you do, you know.”

Beryl frowned at the quip against her privileged background. She’d had arguments with Jana before on the subject, but the issue had never really been resolved and was still a bit of a sore point between them. “That’s so unfair, Jana,” Beryl said, her eyes narrowing with irritation. “Just because I have… independent means, doesn’t mean I don’t want us to have a kriffin’ job! I pull my weight around here just like the rest of us!”

“There’s a difference between a ‘job’ and a ‘paying job,’ Beryl,” Jana said. “This isn’t charity work I’m talking about here. It’s twenty thousand credits! Not that I’d expect a spoiled little shutta like you to understand the difference!”

“Spoiled little... what?!” Beryl spluttered. “Better that, than a diminutive but overbearing lum-guzzling di’kut who can’t see sense for…!”

Just then, for no apparent reason, Jana unexplainably lost her balance and fell back hard into Nic, causing both of them to tumble to the deck.

Beryl blanched. Oh, crap, Beryl thought. Did I do that? She gave a brief, but panicked glance at Ryshana. Beryl had been thinking of pushing Jana away, but only thinking about it, not expecting it to actually happen.

“Jana? Nic?" Beryl asked tentatively. "You alright?”

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