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Originally Posted by Kurgan
What I don't get is why they didn't BOTH go to face Sideous or Anakin. Surely both of them together would have been more powerful. Wipe out one Sith then the other, rather than splitting up. The good guys had no problem "ganging up" on their opponents before, why suddenly the more honorable approach of making it "fair" with a balanced battle? I never understood that.
maybe they wanted to get with it ASAP? it could be a case of impatience for Yoda to get rid of the sith. you could see the resolution in his tone when he said "destroy the sith we must" to Obi Wan. but yeah, you do make a good point. if they had ganged on palpy, then there would have been no problem with anakin as he was still a n00b to the dark side.

True, although in the novelisation of ROTJ, Luke bends back Palpatine's lightning with his hand, for a second or two, before he is overwhelmed.

Other Jedi seem able to block lightning with their lightsabers only.
but its not exactly that they lack the capacity. just that they didn't have the time or didn't want to bother using the force that much, very clearly shown when Obi Wan was facing Dooku in EP2.

True, but if he'd hung onto his lightsaber perhaps he could have been better off. And if he'd had Obi-Wan at his side, then it wouldn't matter if both his hands were "occupied"! He'd have Obi-Wan's two hands to help him.
as far as i know, he dropped his blade when Sidious blasted at him with lightning. the thing here is, why didn't he see that coming? Jedi have foresight, don't they? i admit, Yoda did talk a lot about "clouded, the future is" and even so, Jedi are supposed to recover from any situation quickly. to think he just let his saber go was beyond me, especially against someone who was as powerful as Sidious. although, i think Sidious would have refrained from focusing more on either of them were Obi Wan present. he would have probably squealed like he did before Mace on that Office balcony.

But had Obi-Wan helped him, I wonder if it would have turned out differently. It seems like Yoda didn't think his plan through completely. Likewise, why did he give up? He didn't seem that badly beaten, and surely the arrival of a few stormtroopers wouldn't have been that much more challenging (look how easily Yoda dispatches them at other times, and Dooku's super battle droid escorts proved no challenge for Obi-Wan earlier).
he lost his blade and understood a lost cause. besides, he must have thought that the Jedi Order could be rebuilt, or at least preserved for some more time. if the Grand Master was somehow killed or crippled, Obi Wan wouldn't have been able to do much. you notice how soon into Luke's training he sacrificed himself. no way would Luke have been a Jedi then. and the Clones had no problem with blasting the crap out of several other Council Members across the galaxy. the garrison at the Temple was pwnt only because they got jumped.

But they could still fight! Nothing really changed in 20 years except they got old and older and then they had to rely on a barely trained kid to fight for them? It seems like their chances for victory were greater in Episode III than IV-VI!
you saw how Obi Wan handled the blade in EP4 . but yeah, Yoda could have made an appearance in EP4 instead of an episode later, but that was in GL's hands.

Plus, what would have stopped Obi-Wan and Yoda from BOTH going to Dagobah or Tatooine or Alderaan and raising the two children there, from birth? Pooling their resources? They only ended up training Luke anyway, so it's not like they would be putting all their eggs in one basket.
you know, that's what I've been thinking all along. its quite obvious that Leia was never notified of her force sensitivity. Luke knew his dad's real name, Leia didn't know even that. although he disbelieved it at first, Luke did accept that Anakin Skywalker was a Jedi. why wasn't Leia notified of the same? she could have been trained by Yoda in secret when her age came, then Luke would'nt have to go rushing to Bespin as Leia could take care of herself by then.

I don't need to imagine it, I see Yoda do it in AOTC. The games also show us "Light Jedi" throwing lightning, and we see some form of green lightning described in some of the EU (I believe it's in the New Jedi Order series, but I haven't read those).
that would be the "Emerald Sparks" power, according to Wookieepedia. I'm not all that sure if the name is canon, but the power is legit. Luke uses it in The Unifying Force.

Well, you could still use force and other powers for "power." Jedi have no problem with mind trick, and that could be abused to have authority over others pretty easily. Qui Gon showed us that Jedi can cheat at dice, meaning they could clean out any casino and achieve vast wealth! (and if somebody catches you cheating, just mind trick them, heh).
tsk tsk, so much potential wasted.

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