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Originally Posted by S_W_LeGenD
A band of Wookiees will be able to kill Revan and Malak? Oh Please!!!
Who says it would be just a band? I doubt Revan and Malak could defeat several platoons of Wookiees firing at them from all sides. They're not all-powerful Force gods, contrary to most fanboy beliefs. If you blast them, they die.

Originally Posted by S_W_LeGenD
Revan and Malak were alone on Lehon planet (an unknown world to them) and many Rakatans attacked them, but they got pawned. Same will happen to Wookiees.
Numbers are a different matter there. Is it ever stated how many Rakata attacked them? No, it isn't. Large enough numbers can overwhelm anyone, Sith Lords or not.

Originally Posted by S_W_LeGenD
After-all Shadowlands was a dangerous place and wookiees avoided living there.
Living there and visiting there are different matters. From what's seen in KotOR and the EU, most Wookiees visit it (and return) at some point in their lives.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
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