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Thanks 0:-) I have been back under alias (Zombie Horror =P ) and I am liking how OJP has progressed so far. I have improved even more on my saber skills, loving those transitional combos. X_XO==('_'Q) ("\(^_^)/") But sometimes just fighting [ (>^(>O_o)> ] a single bot and waiting for someone to come can get boring, thus I suggested that the minimum players to bots ratio be increased. And of course, this thread to make it easier for players to just set up play testings/matches etc. instead of just waiting for someone to join while fighting one bot. Hopefully I will see more of you guys in Meat Grinder server. =D

*edit* headed to meat grinder right now for a bit, be prepared if you are headed there. ___/\____\o/___ *roflmao*
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