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The Land That Once Was Paradise

This is my attemt to revive the board. we are waiting for JasraLantill to take over some of WJ's characters in Dark Age, so until then, let's concentrate on this then. Alright? Alright!


Welcome to the world of Azariath, to the continent of Belegost and the Kingdom of Haldirion. The King has died in this Kingdom and has no son, so the legislature is trying to find the follower. Currently the land is in turmoil as the counts and lords run free, terrorizing the peasants. In addition, two neighbouring Kingdoms have declared war in their powerhungry madness and the bandits and archaic tribes of orcs, goblins, barbarians and other menaces are becoming a problem. So, a small group of strange warriors have been given charge of the armies of Haldirion for now to counter these problems. You may be one of these warriors, a wanderer passing by, guardian of something or an enemy. But whoever you are, have thy sword at thy side.


I know this is one of those RPs that would have WJ jumping, but we'll have to do without him this time. Let's try and make it throught at least a week with this

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