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Beryl’s mouth dropped. Was Ryshana serious? She’d turn herself in? Risk being executed, and just leave us, leave me, just like that?

“You can’t!” Beryl blurted. “You can’t turn yourself in! You’ll be executed, or… or… or worse!” She looked at Nic. “Nic, you’re the captain. Tell her… no order her that she can’t do that!”

She then looked at Jana. “With a few mods, I can get at least 15,000 for my swoop on Corulag. The Stasia Classic is coming up and there’ll be more than a few looking for a good bike. That’ll keep us going until we can find a better job.”

She looked back at Ryshana. “You said you’d train me,” she said in a voice just above a whisper. She glanced at Cloud. “We need you. You’re part of the crew now. Please, don't go.”

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