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I couldn't help myself from jumping in and join the RP after no longer being prohibited to use my computer. (Don't ask)

Just a few thoughts and idea's for the community RP:

So, twelve psychics escaped from the military research facility where they have been trained and most likely genetically enhanced. The facility could be hidden somewhere on the desert continent of Haven, since there aren't any known hazards there except for the drought and there is little to no human presence there, which is perfect for a military base. (Can be anywhere else though^^)

Also, I think there should have been more than 12 of these psychics, just to get a bit of a story in the whole affair. Let's say there were about 18. After 12 of them went mad with thoughts of universal conquest by their home world, the government decided to pull the plug out of the whole project and merely stick to the Twenty as the planet's weapon. (Wildjedi's secret police) Unfortunately, the 6 who were still loyal to Haven and did not share the idea's of their fellow psychics, were killed in their sleep by the chief science officer in charge of the research facility. Among the 6 were two whom were particularly strong in telekinetic powers and one who was the strongest telepath. Their termination however, only increased the twelve's anger towards Haven's current government. To avenge the 6 who were murdered, they swore to take out the governments of all the empires and put their home world Haven as the single capital of all the empires.

After the escape of the twelve psychics, Haven's government quickly dispatched five men of the secret police to track down the twelve fugitives, call for backup and to take them out. Not wanting to reveal their secret experiments to the other empires, (which some of them despised as well) they did not inform the other empires simply because there was no reason to. Yet. The five men of the secret police however, were too eager to test their own powers and their overconfidence resulted in their downfall. When the advisors who were directly involved with the project heard of their demise, they reported the twelve as killed, just so they could preserve their own position in the government.(If the secret police failed, they would have been the ones responsible for the whole mess and would have been kicked out of the government.)

Twenty years after the twelve escaped, a few highly placed government officials from two (or more) empires were assassinated in the most unusual circumstances.(Unusual as in buildings being torn apart as if they were made out of paper, projectile weapons turning against their wielders etc. Use your imagination) When word of the assassinations reached Haven, the advisors realised their mistake and called in a meeting. (Haven only) In the meeting it was decided to ask each of the empires permission to search their zones for the missing twelve psychics. Their request was denied as a result of distrust by the other empires. (Other empires might be afraid of espionage or they simply donít trust Haven enough to allow them to.) After their request was declined, Havenís government made another request. They send a message to all of the other empires, telling them that they suspect that the assassinations were most likely committed by strong psychic criminals, who escaped their fate on Haven. Generously, they offer to put a small search party together of members from all the empires and search all of the empires for clues of the assassins whereabouts. This offer sounds fair to all of the other empires and they still arenít aware how much of a threat these assassins really pose. As a result, each of the empires sends one (or a few) of their most skilled people to be part of the search party. (This way they can keep an eye out on each other, making sure itís not another case of espionage etc.) The party members will be an expert in one particular skill (letís say, bounty hunter, explosive expert, pilot, whatever you can think of)

SoÖ..What do you guys think? Is it rubbish or is it useable?

(I Would really love to be one of the party members from Haven btw ^^)
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