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Okay, this looks like a really heated debate. lets put this on pause for a sec and look at things from a different point of view other than crystals and skill and all that stuff.

would you, as a soldier, prefer to lengthen a crucial battle by engaging with your enemies in a swordfight / lightsaber combat? or would you prefer to hide yourself from view in a safe overlook and snipe the crap outta your target? or even, set your blaster on rapid fire and just swing it around to mow down the advance party like bugs? it's considerably easier and efficient against a mass army to use a blaster than a saber or sword.

now a little more technical, several sources indicate that the blade of a lightsaber is pure energy and possesses no weight or mass. now why don't you roll up a news paper and try twirling it? the end you take for the emitter will eventually dice you up, were it a real lightsaber. even if an army is to fight only with swords or lightsabers, a normal sword's blade will have a small mass, giving it a considerable inertial force were it swung round at the target. but a lightsaber strike requires quite a large physical strength. a Jedi is able to strike hard due to help from the force and intense physical training from childhood. a normal soldier won't have tat crucial advantage in battle.

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