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Originally Posted by Maxstate
I've been getting quite tired and frustrated from playing OJP with the current imbalances, surely with the thought that they could've been circumvented in the back of my head. I've been playing something else to keep my mind off things, practicing webdesign too, want to get a headstart on PHP.
Doh... sorry about, I see you joined but I fell asleep it would seem. I play clean though, but I can understand your frustrations. I just stick to the Jedi/Sith side, minus that one time I was trying to get bacta to work, but no luck on that =P I haven't experienced much of the imbalances myself because I have mostly been fighting bots or just saberists, and if they did try some messed up combos they were usually too below my skill that it did not matter :P Well hopefully I'll see you around sometime Max.
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