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As much as I enjoyed all of the creative responses to this question, I have a hard time believing the force just told Jolee that the person standing in front of him is the same person who came here many years ago with Malak and accessed the StarMap, someone he may or may not have spied on many, many years ago.

Balderdash was close, but in Vader's case, he was feeling the presence of his old master. Someone he once knew very closely.
I don't think Jolee knew Revan this way.

However, Jae's mention of a "Force Signature" is worth pondering. If there is such a thing, wouldn't we have heard tell of it earlier?

There's also no mention of them meeting previous. If he had met Revan earlier, wouldn't he have sensed his/her destiny like he sensed the destiny of that Sunrider girl? I have a feeling that if he did meet Revan earlier, he'd have remembered.

I'm also not sure Jolee would have just figured it was Revan either.
I mean, I like Jolee and sometimes he's funny, but he's not too bright as I see it.
How in the world can a jedi of his magnitude be stuck on an such an easily escapeable planet as Kashyyk? He could have mind-tricked and snuck his way off that planet long ago.

No, I'm sorry, This is just one of those things that writers and movie producers call a "plot hole". It's just a detail that got missed.

Perhaps in the next installment of this series, they'll give us some insight into this.

...but, I doubt it.


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