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Originally Posted by madcatmach2
well i wont be able to play for a few days sence im going to NY city and my grandparents comp is anchient and besides ill be spending time with the fam over chrismas and Jack ill get u sooner or later im lurning ur moves
Well happy holidays Madcat I was just playing with Doctor Shaft and Nub, some pretty good playing went on there =P I am really surprised at how many people claim the game is random but yet they did not bother to read the manual, kind of ticks me off sometimes. And others like Runik who decide the saber system sucks because I handed his ass over and over no matter what build he had lol. Well hopefully I will see you around after the holidays and we can get to some nice OJP Enhanced action, I am actually getting better strategies believe it or not, making me more monstrous than I was when I first encountered you ("\(.:...:.)/") Hopefully people use this thread to get some communication down to meet up at servers therefore not spending much time fighting silly bots :P (Speaking of which, funny how the cultist bot kept going spammage in a power duel and kept hitting his teammate, which was a real person and occasionally would kill the bot out of rage :P)
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