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Chapter 1

"Revan, we are preparing to land on the Onderon moon of Dxun." Kreia said.

"Very good!" Revan replied.

"Revan, when are we going to continure our search for the Star Forge?" Malak whispered into Revan's ear.

"Soon enough, Apprentice, soon enough." Revan said.

"BOMB THE WORLD!" Revan's brother, Valen, said.

"NO! We will fight this war, like the war with Exar Kun.... with Lightsabers and blasters." Revan said. "While you three; Valen, Kreia, and Malak; are down there, I'm going to look for something, a weak spot within the Mandalorian Base."

"Great Idea, but maybe I should come with you." Malak said.

"No, this is something that I have to do on my own." Revan told him.

Malak, realizing, what he was really going to do said, "Oh, yes of course."

Revan's ship flew to the Sith Tomb of Freedon Nadd. He got out and started to walk inside, when...... Mandalorians appeared all around him. They thought a Jedi? This is going to be very easy! Revan ignited his lightsaber, and deflected the Blaster Bolts, then used Force Lightning to end the Mandalorinans miserable lives.... he walked into the tomb.


"Malak, go to the Mandalorian base, and destroy them." Valen said.

"I do not obey you, Valen, but I obey your brother." Malak replied.

"You will do this, or I will end your life!" Valen said bitterly.

Malak backed down.... "Of course.... I will order the destruction of the Mandalorians...." Malak activated his comlink. "Saul Karath, and Carth Onasi, I want you two to lead the assult on the Mandalorian base!"

Saul's holographic figure replied.... "Of course, anything to help the Jedi."

Valen boarded a shuttle with Malak, they were going down to help the Republic win this battle. "Valen...." Malak started.

"Cut the small talk, Malak." Valen replied.

"Of course, but I was wondering, are you attracted to Atris?" Malak said continuing his question.

"Once upon a time.... I did." He replied... "But the shutta should have followed us... I could sense her wanting to."

"Now, now, anger leads to the Darkside...." Malak said mockingly. "Revan and I know that path far too much."

"What do you mean?" Valen asked Malak.

"Get ready to fight!" Kreia said, changing the subject so Valen wouldn't kill Revan or Malak.

The shuttle doors opened and all three jumped out, double-bladed lightsabers ignited in Valen and Kreia's hands, and a single hilt red in Malak's.

Kreia's red blades chopped Mandalorians into bits, while Valen's Purple blades deflected blaster bolts. Malak ran to the Mandalorians base, looking for Mandalore.

Back at the Tomb.....

"Yes, Revan, can I help you?" Freedon Nadd's disembodied spirit asked.

"Yes, I want you to train me in the ways of the Sith." He replied.

"Lesson One, do not let your guard down...." Freedon Nadd started to say.

BOOM! The tomb shook, and Spirits appeared around Revan, circling him. He ignited one end of his Double-Bladed Red Lightsaber. The spirits attacked....

Revan, cut through nine of them with one sweep of his lightsaber.... Only five more to go. He cut through four more, but the last one grew bigger and bigger, and a whole lot more powerful. The last one shot Force Lightning out of it's hand, but Revan deflected it and countered it with Force Lightning that was far more powerful than that of the spirits. The spirit disappeared.
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