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Chapter 2

It wasn't long until the battle of Dxun was a victory for the Republic. Revan was out of the Tomb, and on his way to his flagship, when he got a message from Master Vandar.

"The Senate, requests to see you, Revan...." Vandar started.

"I know, I sensed that they were awaiting me...." Revan said.

"Good, they have grown impatient..." Vandar stated.

"Don't worry, just stall them as long as it takes." Revan said.

"I will Revan!" Vandar's holographic figure said, dissappearing.

Revan landed back on his flagship. "Malak, Valen, and Kriea... the Senate requests my presence... I am putting you three in charge of the Republic fleet... use them to your whim."

They replied in unison, "Of course, Revan!"

Revan got in a ship, that was docked in the Hangar Bay.... he took off, and in Hyperspace, a young woman jumped out of the sealed Cargo Hold, with a lightsaber ignited she ran to Revan, unsure of him.

"Yes, can I help you?" Revan asked without looking up from the controls. "Lower your lightsaber, young one, I can help you."

The woman kept her lightsaber activated. "Who are you and what are you doing upon my ship?"

"My name is Revan, I am a Jedi Knight..." Revan replied.

"I can see that..... from the robes you are wearing." She said. "My name is Arren Kae."

"Welcome Arren Kae, I sense you are Force Sensitive too." Revan said, warmingly.

"I am an Exiled Jedi, the Council exiled me, because I was emotionally attached to a man named Yusanis." Arren said.

"Would you and this Yusanis, like to help us? We are neutralizing the Mandalorian threat." Revan said.

"Ahh..... the Mandalorians, my friend Yusanis is part Mandalorian." Arren said.

Revan sensed a man coming down the corridors. "Hello, Yusanis." Revan said.

"Hello... who is this?" Yusanis asked.

"This is Master Jedi, Revan." Arren replied.

"Oh, I'm not a Master yet." Revan chuckled.

"But you are a Jedi, just like I was." Arren replied. "Why don't you go back to bed?"

"Yes," Yusanis replied, leaving the cockpit.

"I sense something about you, something I have not sensed since.... since.... my fall to the Darkside." Arren said.

"What... what... are you talking about..." Revan asked.

"I sense you have fallen to the Darkside." Arren said.

"I have, how did you find that out... I keep it hidden." Revan said.

"I did too, I still do." Arren replied.

[I]Well isn't that a twist?[I] Revan asked himself. [I]A fallen Jedi, preaching to me about the Darkside![I]

"I do suggest that you take this path, Revan..." Arren started again.

"We will not be to Courscant for a while." Revan said. "Why don't you stay here in the cockpit, I could use some company."

"I would be honored to keep a fellow Dark Jedi company..." Arren said.

Revan set the computer on auto-pilot, and pulled off his mask, revealing his dark appearance.

"Ahhh...... it feels good to have the mask off..." Revan said.

The instant Arren saw Revan, she fell in love with him. The Echani young man, had features that she had never seen before.He sat meditating with her... when she sensed him close his eyes, she opened her's attracted to him and his awsome power. She smiled, Finally I have someone who can actually please me! Arren thought. She stood up and walked over to him... he instantly stood up.

"Is there something you want?" Revan asked.

"I want to know more about you." Arren said, pulling Revan's face close to her's.

Revan, seeing where this was going, and obviously attracted to her as well, locked lips with her. They went to the Star board bedrooms.

"I love you, Arren!" Revan said.

"I love you too, Revan." Arren replied to him. They layed down, and Revan went to sleep.
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