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Chapter 3

Revan woke up a few hours later. Yusanis was holding a vibrosword at his throat.

"I know that your plotting against the Republic, I see that you're going to assassinate the Echani senator!" Yusanis said.

Revan just stared at him, his clothes were gone, meaning that his lightsaber was too. Revan Force Pushed Yusanis against the wall, knocking him out. He found his clothes under his pillow, so he put them on, and went to the cockpit, where Arren was.

Back with Malak, Valen, and Kreia....

"Prepare to land on Onderon!" Valen said to the others.

"But General Bracus, the Mandalorians aren't on Onderon..." The capitan said.

That's what you think...." Valen said. He could feel a Dark Aura eminating from his own being, and he knew Malak could sense it to. "Just land in Iziz.... I need to speak to Princess Talia and Commander Vaklu, anyway."

"Yes, sir!" The Republic Capitan said. It wasn't long before the gigantic ship landed on the skyramp.... Valen walked down the ramp on his ship...

Commander Vaklu met him.... "Can we help you, Master Jedi?"

"I need to speak to you and Princess Talia, alone!" Valen said.

"Of course Master Jedi." Vaklu said.

Malak was yelling orders left and right above the Ice world of Illum. The Mandalorians had not yet landed on the planet, they saw their oppritunity to stop more Jedi from coming, be destroying their lightsaber source... the crystals.

Kriea was above the planet of Yavin IV figuring the Mandalorians would come back to ravage the world for their primitive wepons. She was correct, the Mandalorian war ships were flowing out of hyperspace, when Kriea's ships fired at them. The Mandalorians were so suprised, that they could react to the attack. Kreia's ships had destroyed every ship that belonged to the Mandalorians... and then she commanded them to jump into hyperspace, she was gonna scout out a planet.... Malachor V.

Revan was finishing up the speech in front of the Senate, then he would get back to the battle grounds. Finally, I'm almost finished! Revan thought.

Kreia went to the surface of Malachor V and used the Force to mask her presence... she ran around the planet, looking for a Mandalorian base. She finally found one on the North side of the planet.

Valen grew tired of the bickering cousins, so he finally shut them up... "The Mandalorians are planning an attack... Vaklu, I'm putting you in charge of an "underground" resistance. Talia, you are now the Queen of Onderon..." Valen started.

"But how am I the Queen, my mom is still ruling..." Talia asked.

"Leave that to me." Valen said leaving and walking to the Palace. "Queen Malinea, your rule is over, hail the new queen of Onderon, Queen Talia!"

"But Talia is just a teenager, she cannot rule the city!" Malinea said.

"That's what you think, but I sense some Force Sensitivity in her, and I will train her, and she can rule on her own... with out YOU!" Valen ignited his lightsaber, and Force Jumped towards the Queen and quickly chopped off her head. Her guards just sat there staring at him... and didn't move, Talia came through the door. "Ahhh.... the young Queen is here...... I will train you in the ways of the Force Talia, I sense great Force Sensitivity within you."

"Nothing would give me greater pleasures than learning the ways of the Je...." Talia said.

"Ahhh..... I am not a Jedi, I am a Dark Jedi, just like your family line, Freedon Nadd... I will train you in the ways of the Darkside!" Valen said, his facial features finally showing his rapid desent into Darkness.

"Of course Master!" Talia said. She pulled out a Lightsaber that she had found in the Palace, hidden underneath one of the tiles in her room. "This was my great grandfather's lightsaber!"

"Yes, I can sense the Darkside flowing through it!" Valen said.

Revan ship pulled out of hyperspace, over the outer rim world of Taris.
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