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Chapter 5

"Master..." Elon said to Revan. "I sense a disturbance."

"Indeed? You are very strong... and at such a young age." Revan said to his new apprentice.

Elon smiled... happy that his new master was complimenting him.

"But do not over-estimate your powers, there is much going on that you don't know about..." Revan said.

Elon's smile dropped, and then he sat meditating.

Revan sensed a pending attack on Iziz, there was a huge city... so he and his new found apprentice took the Republic troopers to the city.


"Talia! Watch were your swinging that thing!" Valen said.

"Sorry Master!" Talia replied.

The Darkside flowed around both of them.... Talia killed thousands of Mandalorians, in one swipe of her lightsaber.

"Master.... I was.... wondering.... can you teach me anything more about the Force?" Talia asked.

"What is it you wish to know, Talia?" Valen asked, without taking his eyes off the Mandalorians running towards him.

"I want to know how to kill more enemies with the Force." Talia replied.

"Well you could always go with either one of my favorite Force powers.... Force Crush.... or Force Lightning." Valen said. "Force Crush will only allow you to kill one at a time, but it is very useful, especially since it can't be countered, nor resisted."

Revan's apprentice was standing over Malak, wearing a newly made Sith robe. His hood was pulled over his head, but he bore no mask. Malak woke up and saw the Sith standing over him, unaware of who he was he activated his lightsaber. Elon, or now the Sith Lord Darth Shylan, Force Choked the pathetic Jedi.

"Who... who.... who.... are.... you?" Malak asked, grabbing a hold of his neck.

"I am Darth Revan's apprentice, Darth Shylan!" Elon said. "And you are?"

"My name is Malak, I was Revan's apprentice before you!" Malak said.

"Ahhh.... here comes my master now..." Elon said sensing Revan coming closer.

"Ahhh.... Elon, I see you met my old apprentice?" Revan asked. "You may let him go... he will not harm you."

Malak deactivated his lightsaber, and Elon let go of the Malak's throat.

"Watch yourself Malak..." Elon said, glaring at him.

"ME? I am a Sith Lord... and you are a child!" Malak said.

"Master, can you please give me permission to kill this pathetic Loser?" Elon asked.

"Come with me, Elon..." Revan said.

"Yes, Master." Elon said.

The two left the room....

"Elon, I need Malak to help me destroy the Mandalorians, but then I will need him to help me find the Star Maps... and then you can kill him!" Revan said to his young and eager apprentice.

"Glad to hear it master...." Elon said.

"Now, why don't you go get some rest.... we'll talk later." Revan said.

"Yes, Milord!" Elon said, walking to his chambers.

Now for a way to keep Iziz safe.... Revan thought.
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